Being a mother requires sacrifice, skill and a lot of courage. It takes a lot to put your child’s needs first. Children are always a mother’s priority. A stay at home mom must have given up her dreams and aspirations to raise her children, full time. Even a working mom comes back to her kids. She may not spend a lot of time with them or may not always be present, but she is almost always thinking of them. Here are certain qualities only a mother can possess.


1.  Superhero in disguise

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Moms know everything, they are always present, they can cook, clean up our mess, work full time, all day everyday and still smile when they kiss us good night. They almost never get tired and exhausted, maybe they do and never show even after wearing and juggling so many hats.


2.  A friend who listens

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She is always around to listen to our crap, our teen troubles or office politics and almost always have a solution. We like talking to her and sharing stuff, but it backfires sometimes. So what, her taunts keep us occupied.


3.  Ever forgiving

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She almost never holds anything against us. She might have been hurt but is usually the first one to make up after a fight. Even when she is not talking to us, she is still thinking about our meals and what not. Mere bachche Bhookhe hain is all she is thinking about.


4.  A secret bank

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Almost everyone has asked her for money when they couldn’t ask their father. She lends you extra money (apart from your pocket pay) and she is someone you can always turn to for help, cause it’s easier to ask your mother. She never asks questions. She knows perfectly how much to shell out when we say Maa, paise khatam ho gaye ..


5.  Best chef

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There is nothing like ghar ka khaana and although we don’t thank her enough for what she does for us, meal after meal, she still looks forward to serving us. Cake ho ya Rajma Chaawal, we love what she serves.


6.  Gifted us siblings

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Yes, we hated our siblings at some point. The younger one’s would relate to tujhe mandir ke bahar se uthaya tha joke that elder siblings played on them. But, we thank you for gifting our siblings to us. The childhood became much better with them.


7.  First teacher

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Every child’s first words are ma ma and pa pa. She teaches you to be fair, she teaches you to eat on time, she encourages you to go out and play and she helps you with your homework. She is and will always be your first teacher.

Yes mother you are flawed. You have not hidden it. That is your greatest gift to me. – Alice Walker


Being a mother is a thankless job. We never thank her enough for what a mother does for her children on a daily basis. Thank you Maa. Agar Tum nahi hotin, toh hum nahi hotey. Tum Jaisi ho, Bahut Achchi ho.