Read To Know About This Lady’s Fearful Encounter With A Bear

Most of the people imagine that they would act wisely and swiftly in dangerous situations. When one becomes the action hero of his or her wildest fantasies, one pictures himself as a star and that moment being a shining one. But when it comes to realities of life, all of us would probably do what this woman did.



Teliece Sander, Florida, while sitting outside her house, suddenly realized that she is not alone and there was a friend following her. As she looked up, she saw a giant bear. As soon as she gained her senses and discovered that a big fat black bear is approaching her, she went numb and froze for a while. Then all she could do was send a word for help to her son.



Initially, her son, Colton thought that she was playing a prank at him but soon he realized that she wasn’t kidding at all. Meanwhile, the lady acted smart and stayed quiet and calm. She was finally relieved when her 6’6” inch tall son, weighing 300 pounds, came and stood behind her. He frightened the bear and it ran away.

Well, this is clear that the bear would never show up again!

Watch the video here.