8 Ways To Make Your Father Feel Extra Special This Father’s Day

Here are eight ways to appreciate your father on his day!


1)  Have a movie marathon.

There’s nothing better than spending time together on your father’s big day. Find his favourite movie/movie series and have your own movie marathon together just to show him that you care.


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2)  Go camping!

Dad’s love adventure and camping could be just perfect. Bring on the scary stories and food!


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3)  Go fishing!

Most dads enjoy going fishing. They’ve probably even asked you to accompany them a few times and you’ve refused because fishing is so boring. This father’s day, tell them you’d want to go fishing with them and see the smile you put on their faces.


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4)  Go for a walk.

A morning walk with dad on father’s day? One of the simplest and best ways to celebrate father’s day. He’ll appreciate it.


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5)  Bake him a cake.

Bake him a father’s day cake, grab some dinner and spend his day with your entire family!


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6)  Go sailing!

If your dad enjoys adventurous trips, go sailing with one of the companies that offer sailing services at Marine Drive. You could have a fun sailing experience!


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7)  Write him a poem/letter.

Dedicate a poem to him and write about how much you love him and how thankful you are. He will always remember this gesture.


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8)  Give him a hug and tell him you love him.

It could be all he’s ever wanted.


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Have a Happy Father’s Day!!