6 Types Of People You Meet At That First Job

The shift from a college to a corporate environment will bring an interesting phase of people and culture in your life.

That very first job you do will be full of surprises and rather interesting characters. We bring you the most likely characters you will see.


The Joker


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The clown of your department. From well-timed jokes to sarcasm sharper than your landlord’s voice, he or she will keep things easy. Whenever work gets you down, the timely comic relief from this one will keep you going and make you wonder why he hasn’t made it as a stand-up comedian yet.


The Hottie


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There will always be that one stunner who blows out the winds of a rainy Monday every time he or she crosses your cubicle. Alas, you’d rather stare than dare to approach them because you’ve been there and done that in college.


The Perfectionist


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This colleague will never skip a single task, but rather wrap up early and ask for more! Doing things smoother Charlie Sheen is their daily bread and butter. You’ve never seen them report in late. A missed word of praise and one error picked out will leave them sitting with their Old Monk for days!


The Idealist


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He/she will constantly look for some sort of greater calling beyond the cold calls you have to make in return for maa-behen at work. They space out on the simplest of revelations and everything is a reinvention with them, right from making their colleague reevaluate their jobs to being the zen master when things get panicky.


The Intern


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The runt of the pack, he/she will be do the grunt work, possibly be paid a pittance (that you know all too well) and hungrily eyeing the designations you have. You’d probably pity them and tell them that it gets better, but have your supremacy and daily cup of coffee to lose!


The Roastmaster


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For better or worse, corporate culture dictates that this is likely your superior or the ‘top dog’ at work. Once he starts, be prepared with a lot of Sellotape for that torn up self-esteem. You always remember the one time he ripped you anew one for coming late and concluded that he’s an evil, but a necessary one. His only tactic to get the job done is by being the merciless alpha of the pack. And speaking of him…you should get back to work before he dropkicks your promotion with a nerf gun.

So, newbie, how many have you ticked off the list yet?