11 Places To Eat On A ‘Tight’ Budget In Mumbai

Any of the millions of working-class citizens on the roads, by the drains, stuck in traffic or in the trains know that what keeps them going is the kind of food sold on the streets of Mumbai. And more often than not, the frenetic pace of life here ensures that one’s propensity for food is … Read more

The Media’s Ramzan Vs What It’s Really Like

For most people I know, Ramzan is all about feasting and festivities. But truth be told, there is so much more to this month-long journey the last plate of chicken seekh I cleaned out with spicy chutney.   There’s feasting, but fasting comes first! Source: toonpool.com While every Facebook group, ‘foodie’ (Someone who knows how … Read more

6 Eagerly Awaited & Must Watch TV Shows

Of late, the TV arena has seen the loss of several gladiators such as the Sopranos, Mad Men, the Newsroom and Breaking Bad. While John Hamm’s Don Draper or meth kingpin Walter White cannot quite be replaced, there are some promising names that are worth your broadband fees and weekends this year. So if you … Read more

10 Mind Games People Play

Technically speaking, we as humans are the smartest people around on Earth. But our tendency to assert supremacy, have inferiority complexes and the fact that we are social animals, complicates our lives a little bit. More often than not, most of us are engaged in some sort of mental grappling that acts itself out in … Read more

De-Pressed–Is Indian Media Losing Face?

For the most part of history, the media and journalists have been considered pillars that make up the fourth estate; that part of the system that monitors and polices the conduct of the government and the executive powers it holds. However, today of late, the Indian media in particular has attained a rather unwanted moniker … Read more

5 Things You Realize While Graduating

To every collegian who reads this: if you are not in your last year yet, do NOT proceed beyond this point. Stop staring at your cellphone, go have fun, fail a subject or two, make more memories (while stocks last) and perhaps find a way to stay back in college. Because no matter how much … Read more

6 Types Of People You Meet At That First Job

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Bollywood Logic That Will Make Your Brains Explode

Bolly-bashing is admittedly an easy thing to do, but that is not to say that it isn’t justified at times. More often than not, the pain of burning your hard-earned cash on a terrible outing at the multiplex is only proportional to your desire to throttle the makers of the movie. We take a look … Read more

Graph of Graffiti in India

To the average Indian, the term graffiti may not elicit anything more than the scribbles on the coach of a local train or the declarations of ‘Raj loves Priya’ that they see at a monument. Sadly, this ensures that a lot of people tend to equate graffiti with vandalism. But there is more to it. … Read more