5 Things You Realize While Graduating

To every collegian who reads this: if you are not in your last year yet, do NOT proceed beyond this point. Stop staring at your cellphone, go have fun, fail a subject or two, make more memories (while stocks last) and perhaps find a way to stay back in college. Because no matter how much you hate it right now, you will miss it.

For those who do proceed, here goes…

That last year of college is always bittersweet. With memories we’d can’t forget and people we’d rather not meet again, it can be an interesting time in one’s life. But often nothing prepares you for the overwhelming feeling of the real world. Based on true experience, here are some of the things that you are guaranteed to come across.


1) College is tricky, but work is hard


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Workdays don’t suffer a bunk. And your boss won’t give you a proxy. Suddenly your irregularity is judged by other people. Late mornings in the summer will turn into late nights at the desk/studio/green room/cubicle


2) You will live for the weekends.


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With the daily 9-to-5 (10-to-7, 12-to-12 or whatever your drill is), the weekends are now your free time. This change will hurt. And there’s nothing you can do about that. So a big priority will be to make the most of your off-days


3) Questions won’t go away, just change!


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Because we all know our elders just love to know everything, every time. Social gatherings and random phone calls will now go from ‘result kya aaya?’ to ‘placement hua kya beti?’ And so on.


4) You don’t always say in touch. And that’s fine.


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With jobs, higher education and the lack of a place binding you and your bqtch, there is enough reason that you will fall out of contact, except for with those few close buddies or on reunions. Some will last. Some will fade. There is nothing else to it.


5) Your day is spent pursuing money, but you crave more.


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Although those who say ‘love what you do’ as a vocational motto will disagree, you will periodically desire experiences and things outside of just a fat bank balance. Work will be a big part. But somewhere you would make sure that it’s not the only one. The words ‘work-life balance’ will ring in your head more than you know.

With limited time, you get a lot of clarity about what matters and what doesn’t, structuring your days that way. And the best part? You don’t have to explain.

Real life will be scary and exciting, but it is also where all you college experiences will help you survive, bit by bit. After all, life is what you make of it! 🙂