STAR WARS – Why The Force Is Always With You?


Star Wars is one of the most loved entertainment franchises in the world. Its fans are legion, and they’re extremely knowledgeable. So, if you’re wondering about why the Star Wars movies are so great, and why you should watch them, we’ll give you ten reasons why.


1: Distinction between the Rebellion and the Dark Side



A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas created what is rightly considered one of the greatest films ever. There is nothing that compares to the distinction between good and evil in Star Wars.
On one side we have the Rebellion that is taken care of by Luke Skywalker (the chosen one of this franchise). And on the other is the Dark Side, exquisitely fashioned by Darth Vader, a malevolent flaw in the universe who is beyond evil. The constant clashes between the two sides is what creates the foundation of this franchise.


2: The Ships

When fans think of Star Wars, their minds fill with these images of starships zooming. But, more importantly, these ships don’t just look incredibly cool while zooming about the stars, but it’s the innate coolness that provides the films with much of their visual majesty.
Masterpiece, really.




3: Has one of the greatest villains of all time

Believe it or not, Darth Vader truly is one of the greatest villains we’ve ever seen.
Darth Vader is the only villain who has anchored a trilogy of films each as the antagonist and as the protagonist. His own primary rivals are his former master and his son. And it can be argued that even when he did horrific, terrible things as Darth Vader, it was just Anakin Skywalker following the Will of the Force.
And… that voice.




4: Old VS New

The prequel films got a lot of flak but a lot of people also love them. Don’t think this is a reason good enough? You can actually compare and contrast the old films against the new ones. Check out the new effects and see whether or not you prefer the old ones. They’re awesome.




5: Plot twists!

If you’re a fan of plot twists, the one in these movies will blow your mind away. No spoilers, sorry.




6: The characters

Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, Han Solo and a never ending list of characters that’ll make you fall in love with them at first sight. Every meme will make sense.




7: To see the way people looked at the future back then

The future George Lucas had in mind was a lot more different than one would envision today. You had colourful cities, droids that were “fluent in six million forms of communication”, droids that could repair planes and space shuttles, and guys wielding lightsabers who could control your thinking. That’s enough of guy stuff. For girls, you’ve got excellent dresses, and out of the world hairstyles..(they took it literally)




8: Yoda

He’s easily one of the most identifiable and quotable characters ever, from any movie. Whether he’s calmly offering philosophies or slaying others, he’s an icon. Even people who haven’t seen Star Wars know Yoda. Then why shouldn’t you?




9: Myth

If you love mythology, congratulations. It’s one of the most exciting reasons to watch Star Wars. If you watch closely and pay attention, you’ll find glimpses, hints, and snippets of dozens, if not hundreds of different myths. That’s one of the reasons the films are so timeless and why so many people relate to them. The past not only meets the present, but also merges into the future.




10: Forming an opinion that’s real

There’s people who love Star Wars and who hate it. But you can’t have a real opinion of the worlds most loved franchise unless you’ve watched it. We’ve given you enough of reasons to watch it!