The good, great and mighty about ‘Switzerland’.

Some call it a dream and some paradise. A land of wonder for some, set ablaze by beauty that glows like soft skin, for others, it is beautiful than ‘divine eyes’.




Switzerland is your perfect getaway destination for all reasons. Fun, which may have different meaning for everyone glows here from the sound of the gentle gush of the wind, to the sparkle in the brightly burning sun. With its mountains and lakes and castles and chocolates, there’s always a little bit more and little urgency to explore it all, all the more for everyone.

You can come to Switzerland and get lost in its wilderness trail howsoever you like and take it for granted, you can never be quite done.


The Soul of Switzerland


A small but mesmerizingly beautiful country, Switzerland, if truth be told, is way more than the sum of its natural splendors. While no Shakespeare was ever born here and no T.S. Eliot, Rimbaud or Jean Paul Sartre ever resided here, the land of ‘a thousand reasons to fall in love all over again’, and no- we might won’t get this line patented, is exquisite over and above Paris, charming in Caps lock On mode alike Greece and dramatically sleepy and dreamy like one of Monet’s very best.

The country which to this day does not follow the Euro and trades through Swiss Franc (CHF) has been followed as a near perfect definition of how a nation should be. If you’ve ever come across what the enlightened one, Lord Gautam Buddh said when speaking of the middle path’, then chances are you would understand the soul of inarguably, Europe’s most beautiful country.



The ‘middle path’, which Buddh prescribed as being a zone untouched by extremes of good and bad or negative or positive constitutes a place that is neutral. This, precisely has been the political and rational standpoint of the country with 26 independent cantons or states.




Proudly sharing its geographical boundaries with 4 nations to be precise- France to North West and South-West, Italy to the South and upper South East, Austria to the North-East and Germany to the North- Switzerland is as oblivious to hurry and bother as it is blind to crime. Yes, among the European nations, Switzerland, home to not just cheese, a million plus kinds and styles of chocolates and also Roger Federer has the lowest crime rate.


The unusual yet illustrious about the land of cowbells



Time must surely be passing slowly out here in Switzerland.

With a high magnitude of peace as established by a nearly absent crime rate, Switzerland with its Alps, glaciers, sun kissed valleys and icy dew dripping boulevards holds as much enigma as a near to weird paradox. And it isn’t very difficult to arrive at sum.

The fact that nearly 4.5 million of its inhabitants have access to guns thanks to quite liberal Swiss gun laws and yet, all that is ever noise, speaking in the right sense of the word is that loud gush of the wind and not more is not only fascinating but pleasantly funny. The wind that you hear soon as you open your window to welcome the exuberance of the open skies may at times make sounds but it does little to distract you from nibbling down a marshmallow post your honeyed milk.

And, yet you will be surprised to find that wherever you go, be it Geneva to Luzern, Basil to Zug, Interlaken to Zermatt, there are fewer potbellied men and women but more smiles per miles.


Switzerland, does after all goes to war



But, that is only with the idea of having a war.

The country which has never gone to a war since 1815 and may that be the case always has often cushioned many, at times for comfort and on other for its customary charm and delight- from the horrors of war and of revulsion that exists such wastefully wherever we look today.
Foreigners, from the European Union and elsewhere account for nearly 23% of Switzerland’s population which stands coolly and ever so calmly at approximately 8.3 million. The Red Cross which was founded here in 1863 and since then has remained a timeless marvel of humanity has found equanimity and purpose in several multinational and top ranked non-governmental organizations.



With harmony, warmth and a remarkable sense of entrepreneurship and creative enterprise leadership, Switzerland has bolstered economic resurgence time after time and kept up with the other fast paced inlets of the world in the West and in Asia that often paint leading world media with rich ink.

A favorite of tourists not just from the East but quite remarkably from Western Europe and Central Eastern Europe that are almost at par if not more beautiful than Switzerland, the land of 1500 lakes stays ecstatically cool when faced with summers and warm and fuzzy when winter blows its cold noose.

It is hardly a surprise then that man’s most loyal friend ; dog, as commonly seen in Switzerland’s snowcapped Jura mountains and the legendary Swizz Alps is often a Saint Bernard.