10 Things You Need To Know About Long Distance Relationships

I know about some really loooonnggg long – distance relationship(s) that turned into holy matrimonial. There are various forms of long distance relationships. Same school but different college in a different city, same college but different jobs in different cities, online dating etc. etc. But whatever the reason may be, long – distance relationships aren’t easy. Here are a few tips to smoothen out your journey.


1) Trust

The first and foremost is placing trust in your partner. Since the two of you are not in the same city (or country), your partner will spend a lot of time with old friends, new friends and people they meet. Trust yourself on your choice and trust your partner to make good choices.



2) Communication is the key

Since the two of you are in different time zones, you need to find a comfortable time to keep the ‘communication channel’ open and to keep the ‘connect’ alive. Even if you are in different time zones, decide on a time/schedule and stick to it.



3) It’s expensive

The phone calls, plane tickets to see each other cost a bomb. Make sure you budget it well and save on other things to make this possible.



4) Include each other in your lives

Yes, work schedules are hectic, you are low on energy but you must not forget to include each other and tell each other little details. It might get monotonous at times but stick around.



5) You may start hating electronic devices

It might irritate you to talk on the phone or make a video call through your laptop but trust me on this, even on days you don’t feel like doing it, do it for your partner. Discipline is everything.



6) People may discourage you

People tend to be cowards. Not realizing their own true caliber, they might project their fears on you. They might ask you to break it up or tempt you to meet other people but if you are one of those who believe in true love, give it your all. Have regular discussions about future and keep the spark alive.



7) You can focus on your hobbies

Since you have a lot of free time at your disposal, make use of it and enroll yourself in a hobby you have always wanted to pursue but have been procrastinating. It could be dancing, yoga or paragliding.



8) Date nights

With your partner, of course. All you need is an electronic device for making that video call, candle and food. This gives a feeling of togetherness. So what if it is virtual?



9) Keep yourself motivated

Focus on the bigger picture. Focus on the future. You two will be together in near future. Don’t let the distance bog you down.



10) Distance makes the heart grow fonder

Since the two of you are not in the same city or country or world (if either one of you is an astronaut), the distance has a way of making you long and pine for your partner. On the days you do meet, you can treat it like a vacation. Only happy memories come to think of it.


Long – distance relationships are very difficult but not impossible. In the end, it’s worth the wait.