This Man Married His Smart Phone. Read To Know Why!!

Yes! This is not a rumor. Aaron Chervenak, of Los Angles got into a wedlock with his SMART PHONE  in a ceremony in Las Vegas at the age of 34, just to show the importance of phones in our lives.



The event took place at The Little Vegas Chapel in Nevada last month. He threw light upon the fact that he has been in a relationship with his phone for the longest time. He said he was making efforts to seek out the essence of his relationship with his cell.

Though, the state of Nevada has not legally recognized the marriage of Aaron Chervenak with his phone. The wedding ceremony took place following all the orthodox customs and rituals. Aaron put on a suit coat and drove himself to the chapel in a bubblegum pink car with his black iPhone dressed in a white case.



The ceremony flowed with the Aaron remembering all the laughter and good times spent with his phone, promising to keep his phone with comfort and honor to exchanging the rings. Aaron explained that the ceremony was meant to explore the society’s growing devotion to and reliance on their smart phones.

But, as always, not everyone in the society was happy with their love turning into arrange marriage. A YouTube user commented on the video posted on this Tuesday, “In 18 months, he will upgrade”,  Another posted, “I am glad this idiot won’t reproduce. Thank you, Apple.”

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