What Do Celebrities Love Eating? Read Here To Find Out Their Fitness Secrets

You might have come across people with strange food fetishes or someone who follows a weird ritual before/during/after eating. They are not the only ones with such habits. Here are some celebrities who have their own version of such habits:


1) Jennifer Lawrence

JLaw has won a million hearts over the world. But more than her Oscar – winning acting, it is her immense love for food and quirky personality. Her go-to meal on a cheat day is Spaghetti Chilli Pizza Sandwich. It is basically a slice of pizza topped up with spaghetti and Mexican chilli and another pizza slice on top to make it a delicious sandwich.




2) Stephen King

The world’s best – selling author has a rather tasty way of beginning his writing process. Before he sits down to write, he indulges in a slice of cheesecake.




3) Hugh Hefner

The Playboy creator loves soul food, especially fried chicken. He is weirdly disciplined about this habit and eats nothing but the food cooked in the Playboy Mansion.




4) Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is not only famous for his choice in films but also for his food preferences. He does not eat pork or beef as he believes that cows and pigs do not have dignified mating rituals.




5) Shahid Kapoor

The Udta Punjab hunk loves his coffee so much that he drinks 8-10 cups everyday!




6) Karl Lagerfeld

The Chanel Director and fashion god has a mainly liquid diet. He has steamed apples for breakfast with two chocolate protein shakes, skips lunch and sips on Diet Coke all day.




7) Usain Bolt

The fastest man on Earth confessed that his diet during the Olympics training included eating 100 chicken nuggets every day. Another food item that is the secret to his amazing fitness regime is boiled yams.




8) Fergie

Although Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its potential to make a person feel full, Fergie believes it also helps in looking after her waistline and hence takes two tablespoons every morning.




9) Mariah Carey

This jaw – dropping beauty maintains that slim and curvaceous body by having a “purple diet” three days a week. It basically involves eating only those fruits and vegetables that are naturally purple in color as they are high in antioxidants.




10) Kareena Kapoor Khan

Bebo adopted the Vegetarian diet to live a healthier lifestyle but even our “size zero” diva is allowed a few concessions which she does by eating a slice of cheese everyday!



Happy Eating!