What Men Find Attractive In Women? Here’s The Answer To The Age Old Question

The male users on the networking site (Reddit) are talking about ‘what is something woman think makes them more attractive to men while men think it makes them less attractive?’ More than 200 posts have clamored to give their verdict on the ultimate men-repelling things a woman can do and surprisingly, there is no mention of things like eating on public transport or calf-swinging culottes.

Some trashy things that men do not like are Upper-lip piercings, tracksuits with the word ‘juicy’ emblazoned on the posterior, hoop earrings, old lady perfume, ballerina shoes, long nails, and bold lip colors, as is concluded from the online conversation.



Some even query female behavior by questioning those who act like they have many men interested in them. A user, Yokohama11 elaborated: “ That often works on a woman (woman will chase/try to get the guy who has many women into him), but it generally turns men off.” More traits universally loathed were ‘fat lips’ and ‘duck faces’, which is presumably an attack on pouting, fillers, plumping, and at the same time on women acting ‘too ditzy.’



High waist trousers did not escape the targeted assassination as well and a user commented, “They remind me of my mother, and her mother before her. They also make the waist and hip area look like a blob on anyone that isn’t skinny.”
Apart from all this, the million-dollar question that still remains is: what does a woman not look for in a man?