A Weekend Trip To Sariska National Park – A Must Have Experience In Your Bucket List

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and tiger reserve housed in the Aravalli Hills amidst the desert state of Rajasthan surprisingly is a dense green forest. As the only tiger reserve in India, Sariska is reputed for the measures it has undertaken to safeguard and increase the dwindling numbers of tigers. The majestic Bengal tiger found in this reserve, and the lush forest is a sight to behold that drives tourists to visit the amazing wildlife sanctuary for weekend getaways near Gurgaon.

Travel to Sariska

A one day outing near Gurgaon to Sariska was long due, and I finally could take my family for a weekend getaway during my children’s winter holidays. As a working couple, my spouse and I could make this trip possible on a long weekend clubbed with a religious holiday. After researching the best possible route to Sariska, I booked flight tickets to Gurgaon, and on the D-day, we reached our destination on time as per the schedule. Alongside planning the itinerary and booking the flight tickets, I had also taken the time to research the various car rental services to avail a cheap and reliable car rental in Gurgaon. This was basically because there are no direct trains or buses to Sariska. Hiring a cab is a suitable means of traveling to Sariska from the nearby city having major airports. Thus, as planned, the cab arrived in a timely fashion and my spouse and children were onboard in no time for our weekend trip to the wildlife sanctuary. Being in a cab was quite handy for an impromptu run for breakfast at a popular local eatery.

An overview of Sariska

The lush greenery of the wildlife sanctuary in contrast to the desert state Rajasthan is an ideal place for a short vacation with family. My children were eager as they were looking forward to watching the wild animals. They were delighted to visit Kalighati housed in Sariska which also marks the entrance of the national park. They were both amazed and happy to spot a panther in the park and enjoyed taking pictures of the animals along the trail.

My family also enjoyed the visit to the Kankawadi Fort as it provided us with a clear view of the surrounding Sariska. My children were eager to learn the significance of this historical fort and were thoroughly entertained when they learned that the Kankawadi or the Kankawari fort was where the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb held his older brother Prince Dara Shikoh in captivity.

Before nightfall we reached the Siliserh Lake Palace housed on the banks of the lake the palace was named after. We had a hearty picnic overlooking the lake the next day. The erstwhile palace built in the year 1845 is now a Hotel called Lake Palace providing boating facilities to the visitors and needless to say, the boating trip was the last of the activities my family partook in before heading back to Gurgaon to catch a flight home.

How to reach Sariska – cabs from Gurgaon

The nearest railway station to Sariska is located in Alwa which is 32 km away from Sariska. Hence, I considered taking a cab to Sariska directly from Gurgaon to be a viable option. Cabs are also available to Sariska where one can also choose an outstation cab from one destination in Sariska to another for a one day picnic near Gurgaon. Jaipur to Sariska is another possibility where one has to cover a distance of 130 km. For budget vacations near Gurgaon Hiring a cab is convenient when traveling with family, however, for solo backpackers or adventure seekers, reaching Alwa by train and taking a taxi to Sariska is also quite an experience. With two kids on board, the rental car made our journey not only comfortable but also pleasant and safe.

Distance and time taken

The road distance between Gurgaon to Sariska is 160 km. Also, Gurgaon is one of the nearest airports to Sariska. As there are many connecting flights to Gurgaon, it is an easy place to travel to via flight. Driving a rental car or taking measures to book a cab from Gurgaon to Sariska are the best options and I chose the latter one as I wanted to spend maximum amount of time with my family, rather than in driving. Outstation cabs from Gurgaon are cheap, and one can book one directly to Sariska and as we planned on a couple of pit stops during the long drive, the cab turned out to be quite handy. It took us approximately a little more than an hour to reach Sariska via NH 48. The Siliserh Lake Palace is 32 km away from Sariska while it took us roughly an hour to reach for our night stay on day 1 of our vacation. Although weekends find a mix of the local and foreign visitors, Sariska was just perfect for a weekend getaway with the family. It is also convenient for a day out from Jaipur for travel enthusiasts with limited holidays.