ZEE5’s Parchhayee Episode 11 Review – Nostalgia Dipped Scares

The beauty of Parchhayee is that every episode is different. The entire series is based on stories written by the renowned author, Ruskin Bond. We are no strangers to the reputed author’s incredible body of work and ‘Parchhayee – Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond’ is a millennial’s dream come true to finally see his work being developed into a wonderful show. The series also casts some of our favourites actors such as Sumeet Vyas, Farida Jalal, Amol Parashar, Aditi Govitrikar and more. To catch these actors in past episodes of the show, watch Parchhayee web series on ZEE5.

Each episode of Parchaayee is a handpicked tale that brings to life the emotions and words that transport you to a mysterious world. ‘Parchhayee – Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond’ has been produced by Banijay Asia & Opus Communication and airs on ZEE5.

‘Parchhayee Episode 11 – Living With The Dead’, begins with the unfortunate death of Mr Richard Burkshaw. Like most other episodes in the web series, Parchhayee Episode 11 also takes place in hilly areas. This basically resonates from Ruskin Bond’s childhood spent among the dense forests that populate such terrains.

The first 10 minutes set the pace of the episode, introducing the main character of the story, Leo the undertaker responsible for delivery of Richard’s body for service, and the strange dilemma that follows. The music adds to the spookiness of the series and makes you grab on to the armrests while you slide to the edge of your seat.

Perplexed on finding no family who will accept Richard’s body, Leo decides to take the shortcut and leave the body in an isolated spot on his way back home. Perusing through Richard’s personal items, Leo comes across a small wooden box. It contains notes scribbled on faded parchment paper describing certain moments from Richard’s life. Consider this to be the starting point of all unfortunate moments that are to take place in Parchhayee Episode 11.

Like most horror stories suggest, this one too consists of a nighttime tale with classic horror elements at play. A dilapidated building in the midst of nowhere, an eerie silence of the night and a lone man trying to work his way through the mysterious happenings.

The next day begins with Leo and his assistant delivering another body for service. During the last rights, the family of the deceased realise that the coffin does not hold their beloved’s body. When Leo pays a look, he is fumbled upon Richard’s body lying in there instead, a body that he had conveniently disposed of the day before.

In the episode, every unfortunate moment from Richard Burkshaw’s childhood comes to life as Leo battles to differentiate reality from make-belief and hallucinations. As we reach the climax, Leo’s fear finally takes centre stage as Richard’s ghost keeps haunting him.

During the last few minutes of ‘Parchayee Episode 11 – Living With The Dead’, Leo makes his way through the dark, trying to find a way to confront Richard’s ghost and take the matter to the grave.

Parchhayee Episode 11 succeeds in two places – brings you to the edge of your seat and provides a few gasping moments. Thus, making the show a must-watch for horror lovers.