World Food Day: October 16

Happy World Food Day!

Every year the world celebrates this day as a form of action against hunger. Every year, on October 16, people from all around come together and vow to fight against hunger issues. They declare their commitment to fight for its eradication until they reach the only acceptable number in the world – zero.

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World Food Day was established in November 1979 by the Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Member Countries of the United Nations. Since then, it has been observed every year by 150 countries who raise awareness regarding the intensifying issues of poverty and hunger.

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Every year, the FAO comes up with a unique theme to signify the importance of this day. The themes generally revolves around agriculture as it forms the foundation of the eradication process. Not only that, the themes also aim at educating the masses and enabling them to invest more time in such serious issues.

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World Food Day got its very first theme in 1981 – “Food Comes First” – which spoke about how food is a basic necessity for survival and should be treated with utmost respect.

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This year’s theme is “Social Protection And Agriculture”. It underlines the role of social protection in reducing food insecurity and poverty and ensuring direct access to food.

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Farmers play a vital role. They produce quality food, find apt remedies to diseases and meet the global demand for food. With access to the modern technology, science and the Internet, farmers can create a big difference in eradicating hunger and poverty.

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This event is celebrated in over 150 countries of the world. Some examples of how different countries celebrate are:

India – It is known as “Food Engineers’ Day”.

United States Of America – The Sunday before and after World Food Day, is celebrated as World Food Day Sunday Dinners that Oxfam America sponsors in collaboration with several other non-profits. It is an initiative to feed the poor.

Africa – While Chad, Ghana and Namibia celebrate the day by hosting conferences, seminars and debates to educate the people, Burundi and Nigeria believe in practical approaches and plant potatoes or invest time and money in feeding programs.

Middle East – Volunteers are invited to four selected locations throughout Israel on the 18th October to pick fruits and vegetables and distribute it among the needy.

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It is very important for everyone to take a stand and do something for the betterment of the world. On one hand, there are those people who waste food for the silliest reasons possible while on the other hand, there are children who yearn for a single grain to fill their empty stomachs. So sow those seeds and bring a difference while you still can.

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Happy Eating!