Yummy: 12 Creative Ways To Make Your Favourite Maggi *Wink Wink*

Maggi has been that one thing, that one dish that each one of us have eaten since childhood. Those two minutes (five, actually) were probably those minutes that we waited impatiently to get over so that we could eat a bowl of Maggi.

An open packet of Maggi 2-Minute Noodles, manufactured by Nestle India Ltd., are arranged for a photograph inside a general store in Mumbai, India, on Tuesday, June 2, 2015. Nestle, one of India's biggest processed food makers, slid to the lowest in a month after a complaint was filed in a local court over lead levels in its Maggi instant noodles. Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg via Getty Images

But sometime, one of those rare occasions, we get bored of eating Maggi the same old boring way. A person will still want to eat Maggi but probably in a different way, a different flavour. In such cases, here are some brilliant ways to perk up a simple packet of Maggi noodles:


1) Maggi & Baked Beans On Toast

It is an odd combination, agreed. But it is a tasty combination.




2) Chicken Maggi

Make use of leftover chicken from last night or use sausages and mix it in with some chilli sauce, it is going to be delicious either way.




3) Maggi Omelette

All you got to do is beat an egg along with semi-boiled Maggi noodles, mix in the Maggi masala, salt and choice of chopped vegetables, pour it on the pan and voila!




4) Mushroom & Broccoli Maggi

Don’t scrunch your face in disgust at the mention of broccoli. This version of Maggi is a tried and tested success. While cooking Maggi, throw in some broccoli florets, mushroom slices and a tad bit of mushroom sauce to make it tastier.




5) Maggi Sandwich

This is the ultimate way to satisfy your tummy when hunger is big but the money is small. Just cook Maggi the normal way and then place it between two slices of toasted bread.You could always spread some butter on the bread and mix in some chopped garlic with the noodles to add an extra zing.




6) Maggi Cutlets

Prepare a mixture of grated boiled potatoes, carrots and breadcrumbs. Add in the cooked Maggi along with ginger-garlic paste. Roll up the mixture into small, flat balls and then shallow cook. Serve them with chutney, tomato sauce or eat it plain, it is tasty any way.




7) Cheese Maggi Spring Rolls

Whoever invented these knew the way to a person’s heart (and tummy). With that cheese oozing out as you bite into the roll is just…heavenly.




8) Prawn Maggi

It is like having prawn noodles, except that it is Maggi. And it is much better.




9) Maggi Fritters

Mix boiled Maggi with cheese, vegetables and herbs. Roll up the mixture into tiny balls and then deep fry them. Best way to treat yourself when you have to get something done
and need a focus point to achieve the goal.




10) Baked Cheese & Corn Maggi

Mix in the half-cooked Maggi noodles and its masala with the corn, cheese and loads of cheese. Put it in a baking tray and let it cook in an oven till you see the cheese become a beautiful golden colour.




11) Mango Salad Maggi

Probably one of the healthiest ways of eating something that is not really healthy. Make it a cold salad with mango slices, mint leaves, leek and of course the noodles that you
need to quickly dry roast after boiling them.




12) Paneer Chilli Maggi

Make Maggi the usual way. Make paneer chilli the usual way (with capsicum, soy sauce, cornflour, paneer, garlic and chillies). Mix it!



Happy Eating!