Inquisitiveness, Intensity And Charisma Of One Of India’s Advertising Giants: Santosh Desai

If laurels and effusive praise were the only ways to explain a certain Santosh Desai, then perhaps they would find sufficient inspiration to be translated into a book, whose subject would be as interesting and curiously inspiring as its main highlight; Desai, himself. This simple, mid aged, pleasing and elegantly dressed gentleman is among the … Read more

10 Women Who Have Shown What ‘Women Power’ Stands For

They drive us to give our best, they hold our hands to walk to the path of our dreams and one cannot just imagine to lead a life minus having them around. Its finally time, we took cognizance of, and realized the ephemeral importance of the diamond called Women. They are a jewel you cannot … Read more

10 Summer Essentials For Men

1) NAUTICAL T-SHIRTS Source Nautical stripe tees looks very fresh and vibrant. They can be used as a regular wear t-shirt. STYLE TIP: Choose horizontal stripe with bright colours in this weather.   2) MONOCHROMATIC SNEAKERS Source A good alternative sneaker for summers. They are versatile, simple and can be worn in the office as … Read more

10 Stylish Summer Hairstyles For Girls

1)  FISHTAIL BRAID Source This works best on freshly washed hair. Wear it with a sleeveless top.   2)  SOFT CURLS Source Curl your hair slightly at the bottom. Make sure you do not over do it. Wear this with a simple summer printed dress. You can use some simple accessories for a stylish look. … Read more

12 Summer Essentials For Women

1)  Plain White Tee Source A trusty staple piece, A must have in your wardrobe. There is nothing more versatile than this. Style Tip: You can layer this T-shirt under a sweater or over a tank top or even tuck it into a skirt or let it hang free with a pair of denim cutoffs. … Read more

15 Trending Bikini Styles For The Perfect Summer Beach Day

1) BONDAGE Source Bondage wear plays out in the form of crisscross bikini tops and strappy one-pieces. A sexy summer bikini.   2) SHADES OF CITRUS Source Any shade of the citrus family, from peach to tangerine.   3) PLUNGING NECKLINES Source Why not experiment with different stylish necklines? Plunging necklines are stylish and give … Read more

Summer Weddings: Lehenga But Not At All Mehenga

“Main shaadi karungi toh Kareena Kapoor wala lehenga pehen kar karungi, warna dulhe ko tata bye bye kardo!” Alia Bhatt spoke my heart out, and not just mine thousands more. But wait, Brides these days are more bridezilla than quiet and nervous. So let’s shift focus on those who have a serious pressure of looking … Read more