Rakshabandhan-A Short Poem

  We’ve grown by the years, lived through all our fears, You’re a hero from within, and I’ve always appreciated what you’ve been. I remember, when I was young and how I’d always fall, you’d understand everything, even when I said nothing at all. You told me not to cry, and that everything would be … Read more

20 Beautiful Words We Hope You Use Everyday

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7 Most Wanted Criminal Minds Of The World

We compiled a list of the world’s seven most wanted fugitives. They have been accused of murder, scams, some of them are leaders of terrorist groups, and thus the most dangerous people in the world.   7)  Joaquìn Guzmàn The world’s most wanted man. Known as El Chapo, or Shorty, he has been extending his … Read more

Dalai Lama-A Selfless Life And Journey

At 79 years of age and having lived an entire life fighting for peace, conveying the message of love and harmony amidst the chaotic fight for defending his beloved Tibet, Dalai Lama can well go on for an indefinite break. But, on the contrary, the 14th Dalai Lama Lhamo Dondrub, tirelessly leads his vigil against … Read more

De-Pressed–Is Indian Media Losing Face?

For the most part of history, the media and journalists have been considered pillars that make up the fourth estate; that part of the system that monitors and polices the conduct of the government and the executive powers it holds. However, today of late, the Indian media in particular has attained a rather unwanted moniker … Read more

Big B and 6 Copyright Controversies

Originality in one’s work is like a toothbrush, because you can’t use someone else’s to keep you going! A recent story abuzz on social media is about actor Amitabh Bachchan facing a legal notice for allegedly wrongly crediting a poem shared on his social media accounts by Dr.Jabeer Rathee, claiming ownership of the original piece. … Read more