12 Egg-citing Ways To Enjoy Eggs For Egg Lovers

Do you like yours poached or boiled? Or maybe even fried or scrambled? Some like it raw too. Before you get ahead of yourself, let me just say that I’m talking about eggs and the various ways to present it. Source Eggs are laid by various female animals belonging to a variety of species. Chicken, … Read more

How Nico Rosberg And Lewis Hamilton Revived 2016 F1 Season

Source  A race that was perhaps expected to decide who the championship winner of 2016’s electrifying season would be only increased the intensity of the competition by delaying the inevitable. The Brazilian grand prix of 2016 was Formula One at its best with odds being stacked in favor of rains. Cars skidding, slipping but managing … Read more

Wine Alert: Everything You Need To Know

From being the perfect companion of cheese to being Tyrion Lannister’s best friend, wine is just about good in doing anything. Source There are mainly two popular types of wine – Red Wine and White Wine.   White Wine Source White wine color can be straw – yellow, yellow – green or yellow- gold. It … Read more

Ananya Birla: Everything You Need To Know About A Rising Sensation

One of the shining marvels of India is the Birla family. You’d be wrong to think that theirs is just an exemplary contribution in shaping the dynamics of corporate world. Telecom, Retail, Apparel and Footwear, Chemicals, Finance, Infrastructure, Insurance, Science and Technology, Aerospace! These aren’t merely the industries the Birla group of companies have established … Read more