Drinking Games For Parties That You Can Try At Your Next House Party

House parties have become a kind of trend in the recent years. From drinking your favorite wine to dancing to your favorite tunes, these parties have spiced up people’s lives. You know what can double the fun? Drinking games for parties! Enlisting some for your next house party? Here are some that you can add up to your recreation list for the next party.

Flip Cup

Drinking Games For Parties

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This one is played by two opposing teams competing against each other. Both stand on the opposite side of the table with their drink cups placed at the edge. The winning team needs to drink up and flip the cup upside down with their fingers.

Never Have I Ever

Drinking Games For Parties

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The most common of them all, this one has become a staple drinking game by now. In this game each player has to share something they have never done before and whosoever has done that particular thing before, will have to drink it up.

Most Likely

Drinking Games

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In this one, the group sits in a circle and asks some ‘most likely’ questions like “Who would be most likely to fall asleep first?” or “Who would be ‘most likely’ to mess it up?” On a count of three, everyone points at the person who according to them is most likely to do so. The one with maximum pointed fingers, drinks up the same number of cups.

Shot Roulette

Drinking Games

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In Shot Roulette you get some shot glasses, half of them filled with vodka and the rest of them with water. The players have to guess which one contains water and which one has vodka in it but without smelling the drink. The one who guesses it wrong, has to take another and the process goes on until the drink is guessed right. This one can be the best for the ones who are new to drinking stuff.

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