Bored & Demotivated? These 5 Movies Are Sure Shot Pills To Instant Motivation. Add To Watchlist Now!!

The global Corona COVID 19 crisis had restricted people across the world to their homes and the lockdown, as it is generally referred to as, is making everyone feel bored & demotivated. Worry not, this is a time for movies and not just becuase you have nothing else to do, but because they provide you … Read more

Movie Review: Sully Starring Tom Hanks

In a year where there’s been no dearth of fantasy action drama, mostly being set in nomadic jungles, with the likes of “The Legend of Tarzan” and “The Jungle Book” impressing audiences, the setting for Hollywood’s latest heart-throbbing action offering has shifted to the aviation space. SourceĀ  Clint Eastwood’s epic aviation saga, Sully, showcasing with … Read more