Bored & Demotivated? These 5 Movies Are Sure Shot Pills To Instant Motivation. Add To Watchlist Now!!

The global Corona COVID 19 crisis had restricted people across the world to their homes and the lockdown, as it is generally referred to as, is making everyone feel bored & demotivated. Worry not, this is a time for movies and not just becuase you have nothing else to do, but because they provide you … Read more

Did You Know? 7 Facts About Ramayan Which Will Make You Feel Proud & Nostalgic At The Same Time

India’s most popular TV show ever, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, has recently started re-telecasting on Doordarshan. In an era of early days of television in India, the popularity of the TV show is still remembered and talked about by the audience, young and old. We bring you a few unknown facts about the TV show which … Read more

11 Co-incidences That Will Definitely Make You Believe In Destiny

1. BOND, James Bond. Source: In 1990, a 15 year old boy gave his GCSE examinations at Argoed High School, in Flintshire, north Wales. The student’s name was James Bond and guess what his examination paper reference number was? – 007.   2. The Name-Game Source: In the 1920s three Englishmen were travelling in … Read more