You Have To Try These 13 Iranian Delicacies, Like NOW!

One of the oldest cultures of the world, Iranian (or Persian) culture has always been admired for its beauty, language and food. Their ingredients, dishes and cooking styles have found their way into other cultures.



Once the centre of the Persian Empire, Iran yields a stunning variety of culinary delights. Here are 13 of the most delicious Persian dishes:


1) Dolmeh

Dolma (or Dolmeh) is a family of stuffed vegetables that is extremely common in the Middle East. It is frequently wrapped in grape leaves and the stuffing is a creamy mixture of tahini, egg-lemon or garlic yoghurt sauce and a choice of meat.




2) Zereshk Polow

Also known as “Jewelled Rice”, this a rice dish that is a must during special occasions and celebrations. It is cooked and topped with red barberries that give it a jewelled look and a tart taste. Sometimes served with chicken, Zereshk Polow is extremely delicious and wholesome dish.




3) Morghe Shekam Por

Slightly tilting on the sweeter side, this savoury dish has chicken being marinated in butter, onion powder, orange juice, honey, mustard, dissolved saffron, salt and pepper. This mixture is then combined with rice, pistachio, orange zest and almonds and stuffed into the chicken.




4) Ghorabiye

This is a shortbread biscuit with its central ingredient as ground almonds and is a great accompaniment to evening tea.




5) Gaz

Traditionally served with tea, this is a soft candy with a chewy mixture of pistachios, rose water and a certain plant’s sap.




6) Doogh

The perfect solution to a hot day is this classic Iranian drink that is combination of yoghurt, mint and club soda.



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