10 Indian Superstitions That Will Make You Laugh

In a country as diverse as India, there are so many religions and as we know, every religion has popular myths and beliefs. It’s not that religion creates superstitions, but religion itself is a major factor influencing them. Every Indian child grew up listening to the most bizarre beliefs that everyone was supposed to follow. … Read more

Graph of Graffiti in India

To the average Indian, the term graffiti may not elicit anything more than the scribbles on the coach of a local train or the declarations of ‘Raj loves Priya’ that they see at a monument. Sadly, this ensures that a lot of people tend to equate graffiti with vandalism. But there is more to it. … Read more

11 Signs The Man You Are Dating Is “The One”

1)  HE MAKES YOU LAUGH. Those rough patches in your relationship wouldn’t be so rough if your man has a sense of humor. Making fun of the fight(s) afterwards is the real deal.   2)  HE REMEMBERS THE SMALL DETAILS. He ‘listens’ to you. What else do you need? He is thoughtful and knows your … Read more

10 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Geek

Geeks may not have a Greek – God Body but they have minds to die for. They are the new (K)Night in Shining Armor. Here are some reasons why you should give them a chance. 1)  YOU GET A PERSONAL TECHIE FOR LIFE. No Gadget can outsmart you here on. Your partner knows it all. … Read more


People date and people hook up. How does one differentiate though? Well, here are some tips to help you out. 1. STANDARDS DATE – It’s good if they make you laugh and you feel happy around them. HOOK UP – A disease free good body would do.             2. PERSONALITY DATE – … Read more


1. FLIRTING EARLY 20’s – sarcastic comments, arguments, whole lot of back and forth. Oh and Sexual tension. LATE 20’s – He checked me out and then I checked him out. We smiled at each other and started talking about life and work. 2. DATE NIGHT EARLY 20’s – instant plans, instant noodles, instant everything. … Read more

4 Things You Need To Know About Womanizers

  There are one – woman men and then there are several – women men. I know men who need a different woman every night (or day), and I know men who have been with their soul mates for the longest time and those who are into happy marriages (if there is a thing like … Read more