Latest Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed Watch Download Online – Best List (300+)

This article is about Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed Watch and Download Online.

Hollywood has always entertained its audience worldwide. It is well known for its power, money, glamour, and high technology. Studios such as Columbia Pictures, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Universal Pictures are a part of Hollywood. Here are some of the most popular Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies which you can enjoy in your leisure time:

List of Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed

1) Inception

hindi dubbed hollywood movies


It’s a masterpiece movie. Have you ever thought about getting someone’s mind?!!!. The story is about dreams under dreams. The movie revolves around a genius named Cobb played by Leonardo di Capri who can have the power of entering people’s dream, and then he steals secrets from them. It was released in 2010. This is part of the list “Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed“.

2) La La Land

hindi dubbed hollywood movies


It is a Rom-Com movie It came in 2016. It’s a story of Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, a jazz musician who r fulfilling who falls in love and fulfilling their dreams in LA. This is part of the list “Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed“.

3) The Conjuring (The devil made me to do)

hindi dubbed hollywood movies


It is a 2021 movie. If you are looking for a horror movie, it’s the best option! It is one of the scariest movies you can watch. The story revolves around demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren who documents the exorcism of an 8-year-old boy named David. This is part of the list “Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed“.

4) The Avengers


Anyone can watch this movie with friends and family. Produced by Marvel Studios, It’s a superhero film based on the marvel comics superhero team of the same name. It’s a story of world superheroes who fight together against evil. It has characters like Caption America, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Hulk, Thor, and the Wasp.

Apart from these Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed, you can also watch other Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies like Dark Knight, Joker, The Shawshank Redemption, The Nun, Avatar, The Godfather, Terminator, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Spiderman.

Hollywood has increased its audience in India too; its demand has increased over the years and hence the demand for Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed is also one of the most searched keyword where people are looking for Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed to watch online on various OTT platforms.

List of Best Hollywood Movies in Hindi or Download PDF Online

TitleYearCertificate/Suitable forLink
19112011U/A 16+Watch
2022 Tsunami2009U/A 7+Watch
2069: A Sex Odyssey1977AdultWatch
2112020U/A 13+Watch
24 Hours2015U/A 16+Watch
24 Hours to Live2017AdultWatch
3 Days To Kill2014U/A 16+Watch
407 Dark Flight 3D2012AdultWatch
8 Assassins2014U/A 13+Watch
Apocalypse of Ice202016+Watch
A Frozen Christmas 22017UWatch
A Killer In My Home2020U/A 16+Watch
A Night To Regret2018U/A 16+Watch
Agent Hasina 0072012U/A 16+Watch
Age Of Dinosaurs2013AWatch
Aladdin and The Death Lamp2020U/A 16+Watch
Aliens Anjaan Darinde2015U/A 16+Watch
Alien Expedition2018AWatch
Alien Hunger2017AWatch
Alone In The Dark2005U/A 16+Watch
American Mummy2014AdultWatch
American Soldiers: A Day in Iraq2005U/A 16+Watch
Apartment 13032012U/A 16+Watch
Apocalypse Island2017U/A 16+Watch
Arctic Apocalypse2019U/A 13+Watch
Ariana’s Quest2022U/A 13+Watch
Assassination Games2011U/A 16+Watch
The Assignment2016AdultWatch
Astro2018U/A 16+Watch
Attack on Titan: Part 22015U/A 13+Watch
Automata2014U/A 16+Watch
Avalanche Sharks2014U/A 13+Watch
Avengers Grimm2015U/A 16+Watch
Backtrace2018U/A 16+Watch
Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy2017U/A 16+Watch
The Bad Nun2021U/A 13+Watch
Bad Samaritan2021AdultWatch
The Blood Queen2015AdultWatch
Battledogs2013U/A 16+Watch
Battle Drone2018U/A 16+Watch
Battle Earth2013U/A 16+Watch
Beautiful Creatures2013U/A 13+Watch
Beauty and the Beast2014U/A 7+Watch
Before The Rains2009AdultWatch
Best Friends Forever2013U/A 13+Watch
Between Worlds2018AdultWatch
Beyond White Space2018U/A 16+Watch
Big Game2015U/A 13+Watch
Birth Of The Dragon2017U/A 13+Watch
Black2009U/A 16+Watch
Black Cobra2012AdultWatch
Bleeding Steel2018U/A 13+Watch
Blood Hunters2016AdultWatch
Blood Monkey2007U/A 16+Watch
Blood Quantum2019U/A 16+Watch
Body Of Sin2018AdultWatch
Boogeyman 22007AdultWatch
Born To Race2011U/A 13+Watch
The Boy2016U/A 16+Watch
Braven201818+ (Adult)Watch
Breakfast In Hollywood1946UWatch
Brick Mansions2014U/A 16+Watch
Campus Code201818+Watch
Canopy2013U/A 13+Watch
Can You Keep It Up for a Week1974AdultWatch
Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen198118+ (Adult)Watch
Checkmate201518+ (Adult)Watch
The City Of Gold2018AdultWatch
Clowntergeist2017U/A 16+Watch
Code 82019AdultWatch
Cold Skin2017U/A 16+Watch
The Colombian Connection201416+Watch
The Colony2013AdultWatch
Crank: High Voltage2010AdultWatch
Crash Point2009U/A 17+Watch
The Crazies197316+Watch
Criminal2017U/A 13+Watch
The Crown And The Dragon2013U/A 16+Watch
Curse Of The Blind Dead2020AdultWatch
Curse Of The Dragon Slayer2013U/A 13+Watch
Curse Of The Nun2018U/A 16+Watch
Damage2010U/A 16+Watch
Dark Nemesis2012U/A 16+Watch
Dark Space2013U/A 16+Watch
Dark World201018+ (Adult)Watch
Dark World 2: Equilibrium201318+ (Adult)Watch
Day Of The Mummy2014U/A 16+Watch
The Dead Lands2014AdultWatch
Demonic2015U/A 16+Watch
Demons Inside Me2019AdultWatch
Devil Soul2020U/A 13+Watch
Diamond Cartel2015AdultWatch
The Dorm2014U/A 16+Watch
Drag Me to Hell2009U/A 16+Watch
Dragon Hunter2009U/A 13+Watch
Dragon Master202016+Watch
Dragon Kingdom2018U/A 13+Watch
Dragon Wars2007U/A 13+Watch
Drive Angry2011AdultWatch
Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God2005U/A 13+Watch
Dusht Aatma2022U/A 16+Watch
Edge of Oblivion2015AdultWatch
Empire Of The Apes2019U/A 16+Watch
End Of The World2018U/A 16+Watch
The Erotic Adventures of Pinocchio1971AdultWatch
Escape Room2017U/A 16+Watch
Evil Dead Is Back202118+ (Adult)Watch
Exit 142018U/A 13+Watch
The Expendables2010U/A 13+Watch
The Expendables 22012U/A 13+Watch
The Expendables 32014U/A 16+Watch
F6: Twister2012U/A 7+Watch
Fatal Pursuit1995AdultWatch
Final Kill202016+Watch
Final Score2019UWatch
Fire And Ice: The Dragon Chronicles2008U/A 13+Watch
Fish School2019UWatch
Flavia, The Heretic1974AdultWatch
Foolproof2003U/A 16+Watch
Flight 1922016U/A 16+Watch
The Foreigner201718+ (Adult)Watch
Frankenstein vs. The Mummy2015AdultWatch
Frauleins In Uniform1973AdultWatch
Friend Request2016U/A 16+Watch
Friends Never Die2012U/A 16+Watch
Fugitive Girls1974AdultWatch
Funny Pets 22018UWatch
The Furies2019AdultWatch
Garuda Superhero2015U/A 16+Watch
Gates of Darkness2019U/A 16+Watch
The Grey2012U/A 16+Watch
Grindhouse: Death Proof2007U/A 16+Watch
Grizzly Rage2007U/A 13+Watch
Groupie2010U/A 16+Watch
Guns Akimbo2020AdultWatch
Half Past Dead 22007U/A 16+Watch
The Halfway House2007U/A 16+Watch
Harbinger Down2015U/A 16+Watch
The Hatching2016U/A 16+Watch
Haunted Evil Dead202118+ (Adult)Watch
Heera Aur Lutere2008U/A 13+Watch
Held For Ransom200018+ (Adult)#VALUE!
Homefront2013U/A 16+Watch
Ice Queen2005U/A 16+Watch
The Immortal Wars2017U/A 16+Watch
Incoming2018U/A 16+Watch
Independence Daysaster2013U/A 13+Watch
Infection2019U/A 16+Watch
Infernal201518+ (Adult)Watch
Inmate Zero2020U/A 16+Watch
Insecticidal2004U/A 16+Watch
In the name of the King2008U/A 16+Watch
In The Name Of The King 3: The Last Mission2014U/A 16+Watch
IP Man 3201516+Watch
Isle Of The Dead2016U/A 13+Watch
It Follows2015AdultWatch
Jim Button And Luke The Engine Driver2018U/A 7+Watch
Jinn2014U/A 16+Watch
John Rambo2008AdultWatch
Jurassic Attack2013U/A 13+Watch
Jurassic Shark2012U/A 16+Watch
Khooni Dayan2020U/A 16+Watch
(Witches of Amityville Academy)2020U/A 16+Watch
Khooni Train2019U/A 16+Watch
Kidnap2017U/A 16+Watch
The Killer202118+ (Adult)Watch
Kite2014U/A 16+Watch
Komodo1999U/A 13+Watch
Komodo vs. Cobra2005U/A 13+Watch
Kung Fu Dunk200818+ (Adult)Watch
Lay The Favorite201218+ (AdultWatch
Lady Bloodfight201618+ (AdultWatch
The Landlord2017U/A 13+Watch
Law Abiding Citizen2009AdultWatch
League Of Gods2016U/A 13+Watch
The Limb Salesman2004U/A 13+Watch
The Lodge2008AdultWatch
Lockhart: Unleashing the Talisman2016U/A 13+Watch
The Lodge2008AdultWatch
London Has Fallen2016U/A 16+Watch
Looper2012U/A 16+Watch
Lorna The Exorcist1974AdultWatch
Louise and Her Lover2011AdultWatch
Maggie2015U/A 16+Watch
Max Steel2016U/A 13+Watch
Marauders2016U/A 16+Watch
The Marine 5: Battleground2017U/A 16+Watch
The Marine 6: Close Quarters2018U/A 13+Watch
Martial Law1991AdultWatch
The Mechanic2011AdultWatch
The Monkey King 22016U/A 13+Watch
Mega Snake2007U/A 13+Watch
Mercenaries Lady Expendables2014U/A 16+Watch
Monster Island2019U/A 13+Watch
Monster Hunt 22018U/A 7+Watch
Mythica: A Quest For Heroes2014U/A 13+Watch
The Naked Kiss196416+Watch
Night Of The Sicario2021U/A 16+Watch
Norm Of The North2016U/A 16+Watch
Night Of The Sicario2021U/A 16+Watch
Ninja Cheerleaders2008AdultWatch
Ninja’s Creed2009U/A 13+Watch
The November Man2014AdultWatch
The Nutcracker: The Untold Story2010U/A 7+Watch
The Nut Job 2 : Nutty By Nature2017UWatch
The Nun2005U/A 16+Watch
Olympus Has Fallen2013U/A 16+Watch
Once Again Dark World2010U/A 16+Watch
Otryv201918+ (Adult)Watch
Ouija House2018U/A 16+Watch
Overdrive2017U/A 13+Watch
Over The Line1992AdultWatch
The Package2013U/A 16+Watch
Paddington 22018U/A 7+Watch
Pain Killer2013U/A 13+Watch
Passage To Zarahemla2007U/A 13+Watch
The Phantom Mummy2017U/A 16+Watch
Pineville Heist2016U/A 13+Watch
Pixy Dragons2019UWatch
Planet of Avatar2017AdultWatch
Pop Star2018U/A 13+Watch
Poseidon Rex2014U/A 16+Watch
Precious Cargo2016U/A 16+Watch
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies2016U/A 16+Watch
The Prince Who Was A Thief1951U/A 7+Watch
Prodigy2018U/A 13+Watch
Project Atlantis2021U/A 16+Watch
Quarantine 2: Terminal2011AdultWatch
Ratchet & Clank2016UWatch
Redline2007U/A 16+Watch
The Raid 22014U/A 16+Watch
Red Spring2017U/A 16+Watch
Red Spring2017N.A.Watch
(Bus Party to Hell)2017N.A.Watch
Remember Me2022U/A 16+Watch
Retina2017U/A 16+Watch
Return Of Wu Kong201818+ (Adult)Watch
Riders Of Justice2012U/A 13+Watch
Riley Parra: Better Angels2019U/A 16+Watch
Robert And The Toymaker2017U/A 16+Watch
Robert The Doll2015U/A 16+Watch
Robin Hood201818+ (Adult)Watch
Rogue Warrior Robot Fighter2016U/A 16+Watch
The Room2019U/A 16+Watch
Samson and Delilah1949UWatch
Sand Castles2014U/A 13+Watch
Savage2011U/A 13+Watch
Saw: Last Warning2018AdultWatch
Scavengers2013U/A 16+Watch
Scourge2008U/A 16+Watch
Secret Weapon2019U/A 13+Watch
Setup2011U/A 16+Watch
Shock Wave2017U/A 13+Watch
Sicario2015U/A 16+Watch
The Signal2017AdultWatch
Sinbad And The Minotaur2011U/A 16+Watch
Sin City : A Dame To Kill For2014AdultWatch
Sleeping Beauty2014U/A 16+Watch
Snakehead Swamp2014U/A 16+Watch
Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow197818+ (Adult)Watch
Snakes201818+ (Adult)Watch
Solis2018U/A 13+Watch
Sons Of Liberty2013U/A 16+Watch
Speed Kills2018U/A 16+Watch
Spy Time2015U/A 13+Watch
Starship: Rising2014U/A 16+Watch
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder2008U/A 16+Watch
Starship Troopers: Invasion2012U/A 16+Watch
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars2017AdultWatch
Stateline Motel1973AdultWatch
Stolen2012U/A 13+Watch
The Strangers: Prey at Night2018AdultWatch
Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine2017U/A 13+Watch
Stratton2018U/A 13+Watch
StreetDance 22012U/A 7+Watch
SWAT: Unit 887201516+Watch
T-342018U/A 13+Watch
Tale Of The Mummy1998U/A 16+Watch
Tarzan2014U/A 7+Watch
Temple2017U/A 16+Watch
Texas Chainsaw2013AdultWatch
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation1995U/A 16+Watch
The Treasure Of Lake Kaban201312+Watch
Thor Ka Toofan2011U/A 13+Watch
Tidal Wave2009U/A 13+Watch
Tomorrow, When The War Began2012U/A 16+Watch
Toxic Shark2017AdultWatch
Train To Busan2016U/A 16+Watch
Transmorphers: Fall of Man2009U/A 16+Watch
The Transporter Refueled2015U/A 16+Watch
The Trees Have Eyes2016U/A 16+Watch
Treasure Hunters201518+ (Adult)Watch
Trust No. 1201916+Watch
Ultraviolet200618+ (Adult)Watch
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning2013U/A 16+Watch
Universal Soldier: Regeneration2010U/A 16+Watch
Universal Soldier: The Return1999AdultWatch
The Unknown2011AdultWatch
Unnatural And Accidental2006AdultWatch
Untraceable2008U/A 16+Watch
USS Seaviper2012U/A 13+Watch
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets2017U/A 16+Watch
Vehicle 192013U/A 16+Watch
Vikings Seige2017U/A 16+Watch
Virgin Witch1973AdultWatch
Vivarium2020U/A 16+Watch
The Warrior’s Way2011U/A 16+Watch
Weather Wars2011U/A 13+Watch
Wild Card201518+ (Adult)Watch
Wrecker2016U/A 13+Watch
The Wretched202018+ (Adult)Watch
X Zone2020AdultWatch
Zero Dark Thirty2012U/A 16+Watch
Zero Tolerance1999U/A 16+Watch
Zombie Apocalypse2011U/A 13+Watch
Zoo Wars2019UWatch

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Latest Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed 2023

Here’s a list of popular Hollywood movies available in Hindi dubbed version along with the OTT platforms they can be watched on:

  1. Avengers: Endgame – Disney+ Hotstar
  2. The Lion King – Disney+ Hotstar
  3. Spider-Man: Far From Home – Netflix
  4. Jumanji: The Next Level – Amazon Prime Video
  5. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – Netflix
  6. Aladdin – Disney+ Hotstar
  7. The Jungle Book – Disney+ Hotstar
  8. Inception – Netflix
  9. The Dark Knight – Netflix
  10. The Shawshank Redemption – Netflix

Most Popular Hollywood Movie Hindi Dubbed

Here’s a list of some of the most popular Hollywood movies available in Hindi dubbed version along with the OTT platforms they can be watched on:

  1. Avengers: Endgame – Disney+ Hotstar
  2. The Lion King – Disney+ Hotstar
  3. Spider-Man: Far From Home – Netflix
  4. Jumanji: The Next Level – Amazon Prime Video
  5. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw – Netflix
  6. Aladdin – Disney+ Hotstar
  7. The Jungle Book – Disney+ Hotstar
  8. The Dark Knight – Netflix
  9. The Godfather – Netflix
  10. Titanic – Netflix

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