12 Reasons Why Yoga Is Gaining Popularity On A Global Stage

India is an impactful country, no matter which thread of its closely inter-woven structure you follow. We are the world’s greatest agrarian economy. Ours is the largest democracy in the world enjoying a sense of multiculturalism that few nations in the world possess. The wave of entrepreneurship that began gaining new grounds in the USA, … Read more

Is Delhi Ready For Monsoons?

MONSOON IS HERE BUT IS DELHI READY? The much awaited monsoon has come to Delhi mitigating the extreme heat but the adversities related to monsoon have brought the city to a halt. These are the major problems faced by Delhities during monsoon:   WATER LOGGING: Whether the rain is weak or strong the low level … Read more

10 Mind Blowing Facts About Human Body

Here is a list of some amazing facts about human body that will blow up your mind completely:   1)  After eighteen years of age the brain stops growing Source: ingredientsnetwork.com Our brain works continuously and never takes rest, even when we’re sleeping. After eighteen years of age it begins to lose more than 1,000 … Read more

10 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some reasons which help in proving this fact: 1)  Helps improving metabolism Metabolism is a chemical process which occurs in the cells and it is necessary for body maintenance. Having breakfast in morning helps in boosting your metabolic rate thus burning … Read more

World Yoga Day June 21st

Yoga is an Indian form of physical, mental and spiritual practice. It involves breath control, meditation and the adoption of certain body postures. Though considered as a mode of physical exertion in the Western countries, Yoga is actually a meditative and spiritual way of living. Source: hercampus.com The term “Yoga” is a Sanskrit term which … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Beat Depression

There was a time in our lives when we were living in a far simpler age where we would seek happiness in small pleasures of life than the necessary aches associated with leading a sophisticated, busy, rigorous life. There was reliance on human contact than on technological communication. Outright bonding with friends, family and loved … Read more