10 Mind Games People Play

Technically speaking, we as humans are the smartest people around on Earth. But our tendency to assert supremacy, have inferiority complexes and the fact that we are social animals, complicates our lives a little bit. More often than not, most of us are engaged in some sort of mental grappling that acts itself out in … Read more

Revisiting Jim Corbett’s India

There is an old grave dating back to 1955, in the heart of the Nyeri city of Kenya that houses, now, after decades an enthralling journey of a man that goes by the name of Jim Corbett. The general perception of most about this name is that it belongs to an enigmatic Briton who by … Read more

Meet EO The Smart Car

Can your current car shrink its size to fit a parking spot? Can your car “hook-on” to other similar cars to save 30% fuel? Can you increase the seating capacity of your car at will? Can your car turn “on the spot” in zero space? If the answer to all the above questions is NO, … Read more

5 Ways In Which Entrepreneurship Is Changing India

Multinational company, big fat pay check, globalisation and what not! Just how many times have all of us come across these words emanating from the corporate side of things and not chuckled? At times, simply in awe of the way this sphere of life has swept us living in the so called big metropolitan cities … Read more

5 Ways Technology Has Changed The World Since 90s

From 90s to 2010 and beyond: 5 technological changes that have defined Urban living Source: ictvision.eu We are living amidst times of great engineering and technological creation, ideation and discovery. But, it would be incorrect to construe that with the evolution of technology things have only become impersonal, insensitive or too mechanical. A discovery whose … Read more

Is eBay India complicit in selling stolen goods?

We all know someone or the other who reaps the benefits of shopping and trading online, but the emerging e-commerce industry in India has its share of problems ranging from delivery delays, errant customer service, misplacing orders or even unfair T&C that leave many an Indian customer confused and often powerless to act against any … Read more

Dedicated To All The Mothers!! Happy Mother’s Day

This one single word ‘Maa” (Mother) is so powerful. It has been used with a lot of love and affection in most Hindi films, sometimes there is hatred too but more often than not, it turns into love by the end of the story. Maa hee Shrishti banati hai aur Shrishti dikhati hai, Maa hee … Read more