World Of Zombies: Would You Dare To Walk With The Dead?

Not to be missed! ‘The Walking Dead’- a walk-through scare ride has been introduced by Hollywood’s Theme park Universal Studios and is sure to get the visitors develop Goosebumps. Source The attraction is inspired from a television show of the same name that stars popular Hollywood personalities. It opens on Monday and begins in a … Read more

Cannabis ATMs At Airports. Yes That’s True. Read To Find Out

Giving its tourists a chance to get hold of weed on arriving the country, Jamaica is planning to open Cannabis ATMs in the airports. The Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is all set to provide license to the visitors for the ‘good herb.’ With police still having the authority to fine its possessors with a ticket … Read more

Are We Living In An “Alien Zoo”? An American Scientist Claims That. Read The Weird Theory Here.

Famous astrophysicist says that our destruction lies at the hands of super-intelligent-aliens- because we might have already been secretly conquered by them. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said that he is sure that humans would never be able to make contact with extra terrestrial life, but at the same time, he admitted that there was a possibility … Read more

A 24 Year Model Sheds Her Clothes & Gets Her Body Painted. But Why?

Source You need courage and recklessness to do what the 24 year old part time model and entrepreneur, Sarah Zickel from Brooklyn has done! She turned her body into a living canvas by getting her first body painting done from Bodypainting Day NYC. She depicted poise by instinctively trusting the creativity of Artist, Andy Golub, … Read more