11 Co-incidences That Will Definitely Make You Believe In Destiny

1. BOND, James Bond. Source: wallpapercave.com In 1990, a 15 year old boy gave his GCSE examinations at Argoed High School, in Flintshire, north Wales. The student’s name was James Bond and guess what his examination paper reference number was? – 007.   2. The Name-Game Source: oldoregonphotos.com In the 1920s three Englishmen were travelling in … Read more

17 Weirdest Guinness World Records!

You love watching The Guinness World Records, but do you have any idea that these really strange records exist too? You’ll be surprised when you’re done reading this!   1)  The most spears caught from a spear gun underwater from a 2-meter distance in one minute In Australia, Anthony Kelly catches 10 spears from 6 … Read more

16 Times Tumblr Aced Humour. Check It Out

Tumblr has always been our daily source of entertainment. From hysterically funny videos, to the most ridiculous text posts of all times, that website has it all. So we combined text posts and pictures and listed the funniest Tumblr posts you will ever see. Sit back and enjoy a hearty laugh as we tell you … Read more

7 Must – Do’s This Valentine’s Day

Love is a potent word that drives us to do pretty much everything we do or wish to accomplish. It is a yearning to be good, a feeling you want to have and a desire like no other. Yet, often, in the celebration of this ‘aphrodisiac’ of life, we come to celebrate it on a … Read more

10 Trending Tweets On Gurugram!! Must Read

“Names are an important key to what a society values.” -David S. Slawson   As the name of cyber city Gurgaon has been changed to “Gurugram”, we ponder if the 21st century society reflects the image of Gurugram. This astounding decision has left the people in a muddled state and we observe that the internet … Read more

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples? Read To Find Out

Whether or not you play Golf, you would have certainly noticed the dimples on the face of a Golf ball. Have you ever wondered why there are these dimples and what purpose do they serve? To know the purpose, read on.